Vastu Shastra explains the scientific methods of architecture to balance the five elements of nature with man & material. If a house is constructed according to the Vastu principles, space is believed to bring happiness and prosperity to its inhabitants.  The main entrance of the house has high importance in Vastu Shastra as it lets the flow of cosmic energy in and out of the house.

So, the entrance of a house is not just a place to welcome the guests, but it is also the entry and exit point for energy. While designing a house, there are certain Vastu principles which you should follow to invite positive energy and avoid the flow of negative energy. Before buying a new home, make sure that you talk to your builder or architect regarding these Vastu preferences.

Follow these Vastu tips for designing the main door of the house:


The main entrance door should always be in the north, east, west or north-east direction.


Make sure that there are no obstructions in front of the main door such as a wall, tree or a pillar. This can affect the energy flow into the house. Also make sure that no shadow falls on the main door, especially those of trees and buildings.


The main entrance door should ideally be made of good quality wood without any cracks. It is even better if you can add embellishments to the door to make it look more attractive. Avoid black paint on the main door.

Direction of opening

The main entrance door should always open in the clockwise direction and not in the anti-clockwise direction. It is better to have the main door in two parts instead of placing a single door.

Line of placement

The house gate should not come in the same line with the main entrance door as it will block the direct flow of energy.

Size of the door

The main door of the house should be bigger than all the other doors.

Elements to avoid

Avoid keeping dustbins, shoe racks, fountains or animal statues or other clutter in front of the entrance door as they all can attract negative energy to the home.

Nameplate at the door

Vastu Shastra insists to have a beautiful nameplate on the main door to invite good health & prosperity.

Decoration and Lighting

Always keep the entrance door well-lit with bright lights
to attract positivity.


The main door should be placed a bit higher than the ground level and the number of steps leading to the entrance should be odd.