About Our Company

Whether it’s building within the city or in the suburbs, iCloudhomes is bringing the magic back to villa projects.
Whether it’s masterly planning elaborate projects with unique amenities or conceiving premium quality that’s affordable, iCloudhomes expertise stems from passion, creativity, innovation and community.
With two completed projects and three nearing completion- in a short span – iCloudhomes meteoric rise has made it one of Kerala’s most sought after and trusted Villa builders.

Our Values



Be genuine.


Keep it meaningful and balanced.


Do what you love.


Accept the challenge to be up to date.


In 2013 iCloudHomes set villa lovers abuzz, when it announced its Mangalapuram project, Nimbus Cloud near Technocity at Trivandrum. What happened next created a flutter in the real estate scenario in the capital city, Trivandrum, and the project of 53 luxury villas was completed in record time, within three years.
In doing so, iCloudHomes laid the groundwork for a revival of luxury villa projects in Kerala benchmarked to international standards. 10 meter wide internal roads, more than 25% built up to free space ratio, postmodern architecture, superior features and spacious units with premium interior finishes that’s better than the best. Nimbus Cloud villas, despite being on the outskirts of Trivandrum city, captured the imagination of villa lovers with over 85% of units sold in the first year itself.
iCloudHomes has now completed two of its projects in Trivandrum. ‘Nimbus Cloud’ Mangalapuram and ‘Rhythm of Life’ at Ulloor which are completely sold out and announced three super luxury villas, which are currently ongoing ones at unbeatable locations, cutting edge contemporary designer villas ‘The 44 Club’ at Pattom, ‘Winds of Change’ at Akkulam and its second project at Managalapuram (Near Technocity) ‘Under the Blue Sky’

Only the Best

We ensure that the industry’s leading experts and talents work for us.
We ensure timely and proactive communication during every stage of your new home journey.
We ensure that our homes are built to the highest quality standards, which surpasses existing industry standards.
We patiently listen to your feedback and value your suggestions.
We ensure our best available expertise to start planning your new home.
We work to ensure that your new home is built as per the specified standards and with proper quality control till it gets finished and handed over to you.
We ensure that your homes are a perfect blend of functionality and a class with optimal use of space.


” Careful Steps of a Visionary…

Our Founder & Managing Director,
Mr. Biju Janardhanan, after a long stint as a software professional, had decided and finalized to leave his cushy jobs in pursuit
of his long time hobby and passion in real estate development. Mr. Biju perceived the opportunity in the real estate sector and decided to venture into a niche segment of developing and establishing premium villas in Trivandrum.
He said, “Once I thought of converting my hobby and passion into a business.” .iCloudHomes came into existence in 2013. iCloudHomes started its first project “Nimbus Cloud Villas” with 57 premium villas in 2013 and it was a runaway success. In a matter of years of our existence, iCloudHomes has managed to add more premium villa projects into its fray.
The first thing he decided is to implement some of the best construction methods and practices by using technologically advanced materials and all possible machine support to reduce the workman force and manual labor thus accelerating the construction speed. Mr. Biju is a strong believer of invention and creation. He firmly considers that innovation is the only path to become the best and stand out from the rest in a highly competitive real estate development era and construction industry. At this instance, we could proudly pronounce that we are one of the largest and premium villa developers in Kerala. With keeping our expertise and eye to detail in our finishes we offer the best homes to our esteemed and highly privileged customers.
We cordially invite you to pay a visit, observe and experience our projects to feel the difference.”


The icon

The icon is a fusion of the letters ‘i’ and ‘c’ (formed into a cloud). The ‘i’ represents the ego and the cloud represents the dream. In other words, it is a graphic rendition of ‘I and my cloud’. The symbol is also representative of a tree (the spirit of the outdoors) because all of the iCloud villa projects strive to create a symbiotic balance between civil construction and the natural environment so that the outdoor becomes an integral part of the indoor experience.

The colors

The blue was a natural choice for a transparent and forthright company, with the green completing its fertile and imaginative credentials.

The Descriptor

Leaves no ambiguity as to where we are playing. At the same time, a wide tent, if the brand decides to extend beyond villas.

The font

The rounded, non-angular typo is reflective of a company that seeks to create the desire for its products rather than succumb to the compulsions of a hard sell that’s endemic to the real estate business.


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TC : 31/3585-3, Pournamy Temple Road, Ambalamukku, Kowdiar P.O, Trivandrum, Kerala - 695003