An Overview

It is no accident that today iCloudHomes is synonymous with luxury villas. And it’s not just the villas. It’s the experiential quality of life built around the villas that make living in an iCloudHomes so much richer. The brand line ‘Live the luxe life,’ embodies this in every sense. In the living spaces, the amenities spaces, civil planning, the environmentally conscious interventions, the community and the landscaping.

What are we good at

Benchmarking! In fact, benchmarking is the hallmark of an iCloudHomes project. Be it the expertise of the finest architects in India or the most sought-after landscape specialists from overseas, the scale and execution of amenities, or the application of sustainable technologies to minimize carbon footprint, iCloudHomes provides a choice of cutting-edge solutions without compromising on aesthetics, construction quality or entry cost.

What makes us different

An iCloudHomes villa is all about the finish. It’s as good as it gets. Be it the walls, the floors, the choice of fixtures, the kitchen garden space, or the terrace garden on the second floor, you can be sure that the finest minds and the finest hands have applied their passion and precision to build you a home you can be proud of. Our model villas have been and a live demonstration, the talk of the town, and a master class in how far we would go to back up what we say.

What do we believe in

We believe that the home is just the start point. Of course, it should be built well and it should age well. Beyond that, it is also about how well it is integrated with nature. How well ambient spaces are populated with greenery, how well the non-residential outdoor spaces contribute to your wellbeing, and how well it harmonises outdoor activity with indoor comforts.

The ‘i’ encased in a cloud.
Or the ‘self’ believing a dream.

Everybody ends up home.
A few end up in dream homes.

Be passionate
about what you do.
Have the
courage to shape
a bolder future.

What we value

If there is a way
to do it better,
find that way.
Live up to

Ongoing Projects

In the decade gone by, we’ve delivered some of the most magnificent villas in Trivandrum. Built the largest and distinctive clubhouse in a residential project in Kerala. Raised the bar on amenities and features. Conceived and delivered outdoor and indoor amenities such as tennis courts, basketball court, indoor badminton court, squash court, mini-theatre, swimming pools, etc, on a scale never imagined within residential spaces. And brought together acclaimed architects, landscape designers, and master craftsmen to create spaces and places that deliver on every benchmark, from quality construction and engineering, elegant design and fitout, to integrating green and eco-friendly building practises into projects.

The passion that
drives iCloudHomes

iCloudHomes is the brain child of Biju Janardhanan, a software engineer turned builder. As the founder of iCloudHomes, Biju Janardhanan has pushed hard to raise the standards in quality and premium/luxury design. He believes that the best homes are born out of collaborative relationships. Towards this end he has leveraged the expertise of the finest architects in India and the most sought-after landscape specialists from overseas.

Biju understands that there is much more to creating a living, breathing community than simply constructing a housing allotment to make a profit. That’s why he made benchmarking the bedrock of iCloudHomes. Even the maiden project – Nimbus Cloud Homes – was planned on a scale rarely imagined. It had 10-meter-wide internal roads, vibrant open spaces and a full-blown tennis court, including a rich assortment of various premium amenities.

At the centre of iCloudHomes sits an incredible sense of pride. Pride that’s built on a sterling reputation for creating homes that stand the test of time. Be it quality, craftmanship or the sheer pleasure of living in one.

Biju Janardhanan
(MD, iCloudHomes)


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