It is an unprecedented experience for all Indians during this lockdown period due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost everyone is going through a rough phase and finding it challenging to deal with the abrupt change in lifestyle. Since the numbers of Corona patients are soaring up in India, nobody believes the government is going to lift off the lockdown any time soon. I am sure no one of us had ever witnessed this country lock down situation. When India entered in March 2020, we were set to celebrate the colors of happiness. Ever thought that the last week of the month will shut us in our homes? At least I did not imagine this. Anyway join me for a walk inside Nimbus villa. Let’s look at how they react with the Lockdown situation..

Here residents who have recently travelled abroad are requested to declare the same to the Association office and self-quarantine themselves for 3 weeks and get themselves checked in case of symptoms of COVID-19. Fortunately we have no such infected cases.  We have done few social services during the period to help the people suffering outside. Have contributed to government run community kitchens and other social services.Before lockdown itself we closed the swimming pool, gym, and other common amenities. “Schools are shut. All out-of-home activities and social interactions have stopped, too. In such times, keeping kids engaged with creative activities that they find interesting is tough,”  words of a parent. But here all were busy in their own home. It is very nice to see they are waving hands with smiling face and talking loudly to the neighbours with proper social distancing from their own home to the opposite villa.

 “ Now we realize the value of villa life, I can’t imagine a situation  in this isolation time if we were stuck at a flat or an independent house.” All here  agree with the statement since in flat there is  only a small balcony area, most of the people use this for drying clothes. For a family of 4- 6 members this is the only open space and view to outside, and it is not enough for them for relaxation.  Even Though we are in an independent house it is very difficult for us to purchase groceries and other needy items. 

Terrace became a thrilling place.

Here children and other family members turned their home terrace into a great time pass place .Actually our terrace design is good for morning exercises, family hangouts, chilling with friends, planting the favorite greens, breathing healthy air or sleeping under the stars. But now they explore more on it since the Nimbus family strictly follows social distancing.

Terrace- Kids Game Zone

Play areas are also closed and Children are discouraged to play outside / mingle. As they say “A bored child is better than a sick child!”. Here kids teach you how to turn your Terrace into a game zone, they are enjoying their favorite indoor game like cards or board game on terrace with family and darling music playing all around.”Add some bean bags and a centre table for your favorite board game and you are all set. Lighting plays an important role in making the atmosphere of the terrace to sit down and enjoy the terrace.” tip from them.


Here all having independent compounds and enough space for gardening, Many people take pride in their gardens. They are keen green thumbs who enjoy the smell of fresh flowers whilst gardening. Our premises became more greenish and colorful.“In uncertain times, gardening can be a powerful therapeutic tool. When distracted by fresh air and new growth – and with your hands and mind busy – it is so much easier to live in the here and now, focusing less on the things beyond your control.” One of our residents became very talkative about his gardening. 

”Excellent opportunity to involve your children in the garden. More than just a way to spend time having fun, it’s also a very healthy way to build up immunity and teach kids how wonderful nature is.” They also advise us that Gardening helps relieve stress and keeps you busy. You are also doing your bit for the environment especially during times like these.

Vegetables / essentials delivery Inside Villa

We also arranged for vegetables / essentials van to visit the community at regular intervals so residents can purchase without having to step out. But only 5 persons are allowed at once with proper social distancing. Other essential items orders are collected using whatsapp group and one person on rotation basis will buy.

Balcony Sitout

Smiling family sitting together on a balcony  is  a common sight in the Nimbus cloud villas nowadays.Here in Nimbus we have two balconies. Children love the front side balcony since it is partially covered and spacious to play their games. ”We often forget to look up and discover the hidden world above our heads ,A sweeping view of the town from our personalized space is simply amazing.” says one of the residents.”Reclining well on a sofa or comfy chair will increase the pleasure altogether. So turn your balcony into a hanging or chilling out space by keeping some movable or foldable furniture. Enjoy with friends or your solitude with a book in hand on your balcony.” They are very much comfortable here. 

Terrace Farming

Terrace farming is the main hobby of the residents in the villa. They circulated seeds between neighbours.Flowers and plants have a soothing result on our senses and the city people always solely crave for this proximity to nature. Potted plants hanging out from balconies create a lovely mesmerizing view.However if there’s a terrace which can be reborn into a garden then kitchen farming and lovely blooming flowers need not be restricted to small pots and jars. Since our terraces are water proofed we can be fulfilled creating the splendid dream of the terrace garden. 

After the first lockdown period

We started enjoying the premises as a safe resort to spend our vocation. It was proved we are safe here as all were on lock down and no one was allowed to go out or no guest can come in. So the indoor court, gym, tennis court outside garden work out, children play area is open and everybody started enjoying the same. Indoor badminton court starts at 6.30 am and different batches of gents, ladies, children pay until late evening. People were waiting for the tennis session to start at 5 pm, it was mind blowing.

We have a 10 meter wide road inside the villa, which more than a kilometer long was a very good opportunity for the gents and ladies for their morning and evening walks. Kids are restarted their cycling and skating activities. Other than the swimming pool we opened all other common amenities after the 21 days lockdown. Still we are not going outside and spending time with our friends, children, neighbors forgetting all our tensions or what is happening outside how that impacts us etc.

Yes there is panic everywhere and yes the situation is critical, I do not deny the facts that are rolling up on all news channels and filling up the internet. This pandemic has rightly taught us that uncertainties come unexpectedly.We are all in this together, and we will get through it. Be kind to one another and be safe.