Buying property is a great way to invest and multiply wealth. It is a secure way of enhancing your financial future and over time, will deliver positive returns. Buying a property for investment purposes can be surprisingly beneficial, especially when you take into account the rental income earned and the tax deduction entitlements on the home loan interests. Here are some pointers for property investments:

Long-term investment

Don’t expect your property’s price to start rising straight away. You could even stay invested long enough to build up equity such that you can consider buying into a second investment property too.
The right price – When you buy property for investment purposes, it’s usually because you want to see capital gains. This means that you should buy into less-expensive locations that are a little away from the city centre. As the city expands horizontally over the years, your investment property will become included in the central area, thereby increasing its value.

Location of the property

To ensure a steady flow of rental income, you will need to invest in a location that suits the general requirements of renters. Easy accessibility to important facilities like bus stops, schools, shopping centres, hospitals, etc, ensures higher rental yields and greater demand from renters. This will, in turn, mean a steady flow of income for the property owner. Most families prefer renting a home that’s located in a serene area away from the pollution and hustle-and-bustle, so buy investment properties in areas where you yourself would also love to live.

Getting the math right

Owning an investment property can be quite inexpensive. This is because most people use home loans to pay for property purchases. And for properties bought for the purpose of investment, the rent earned can be used to pay off the monthly EMIs of the loan. Aside from this, the rent increases with the passage of time, thus enhancing your own income too. Put simply, this means that your renter gets to pay for the cost of your investment property, which you get to own at the end of the loan tenure at a nominal cost! And what’s more, with the years, the cost of your property will also go up, so investment properties can become a complete win-win scenario when handled wisely.

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