Home buying is a very important decision. A person wants to pour all his desires into a piece of land and convert it into an abode that is comfortable as well as classy. Children, of all the family members, get to spend the most time at home and therefore, it is important to have a house that can meet all their requirements. This is why children need to influence property purchase to a large extent and a number of things are kept in mind while which deems fit for all the members of the family. There is no doubt that children play a vital role in the home-buying decision, and rightly so. At the very least, buyers usually consider areas that are close to good schools (both primary and high schools, depending on the age of their children). Beyond this, buyers with children also place less value on certain features they once thought important before they had children.

Some vital criteria that have been listed down in such a decision are

  • Good medical facilities
  • Esteemed schools
  • Kids recreational areas
  • Child care services
  • Kid-friendly neighborhood
  • Safe community
  • Connectivity to schools and medical facilities
  • Open spaces
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Kids Play Area ( Representational image)

All of these parameters become important. Studies also show that parents tend to weigh their child’s needs more when it comes to purchasing a home.  Especially the millennial parents who know the strifes of managing a child along with their personal and work life in the 21st century.

How do you know that the house you are buying is safe and convenient for your children?

For that, the following factors are to be considered:

Proximity To Good Schools hospitals 

Bread earners of the family stay away from homes for the major part of the day. Women, most of the time, are integral in bringing up kids. It is essential to manage your children’s growing educational and developmental needs, by focusing their energies on the right learning methods. So, it is important to buy a property in an area that has lots of schools and educational institutions, where it is easy to manage a child’s educational needs with minimum hindrances. Anybody may need medical attention at any given time. Therefore, people prefer homes closer to child health care centers or hospitals. This helps attain medical help even in emergencies without getting panicked during a difficult situation.


For parents, nothing is more important than their child’s safety.  By choosing to live in a gated community, children and parents can both feel more secure as compared to independent houses. You must ensure that the new property that you are planning to buy is located in a secure residential neighborhood. 

If you are buying an apartment or villa from a reputed builder, there will be round-the-clock security and advanced facilities like CCTV coverage to ensure that the residents are safe at all times. Sufficient street lights, low crime rates, and related factors must be taken into consideration while choosing a home that will accommodate your children.

Amenities to Keep Your Child Fit and Happy

It’s important to ensure that your child will have access to ample activities. A kid’s play area and indoor sporting activities are a must. Parents, these days, look for projects that incorporate amenities like a clubhouse, gym, playground, and swimming pool. These kinds of child-centric facilities are available in projects developed by reputed builders. 

Open Green Spaces

The benefits of green spaces for a child’s physical and mental growth bears no repetition. Therefore, the availability of open spaces is a factor that you should consider before buying a new home. Your home should not only be spacious in terms of carpet area, rather, it should also have outdoor spaces where your children can spend quality time. To gift your child with beautiful memories, always opt for a project that has ample green spaces like gardens and parks.

Safety Inside Home

The house should be equipped with all basic safety systems like fire safety systems, power cut safety, and safety plugs. The house should be child-friendly. Your children should not be able to reach dangerous or hazardous things. Apart from this, you must also look into certain other safety features of the building such as well-insulated switches and power outlets, high balcony railing, good quality door locks, etc.

For parents living in metro cities, it is very significant that their child gets the nourishment they need. That is where one of the most children-suitable properties of iCloudHomes comes in. It is nested in all prime locations of Trivandrum where a parent has multiple choices of schools, best pediatricians, doctors, and hospitals available at disposal, along with plenty of recreational areas like parks and playgrounds spread around in the location. Additionally, the extended facilities at iCloudHomes Collection not only include amenities for adults but are built considering parent-child fun-time. There is a kid play area with a rubberized floor, swimming pool for kids, wide roads, multipurpose room for dancing, and a games room inclusive of all kid-popular game facilities (Snooker Table, Pool Table, Toddler Activity Section).

Apart from the recreational amenities, the community offers 24/7 security with CCTV surveillance, which will make your home a completely safe environment for your kid.