The drawing room is also called the living room as this is where the family gets together in the evenings to unwind and catch up. It’s also the place where you entertain your visitors.

Well-decorated drawing rooms should be elegant, harmonious and inviting enough to make you sink into a favourite seat and relax. The drawing room should reflect the personality of the people who use it. The colours used on the walls, furnishings, flooring as well as the drapery are an extension of the choices of the family.

While decorating your drawing room, you need to keep a few facts in mind – the space available, the predominant colours in the room as well as the type of furniture being used. While families prefer a well-furnished traditional drawing room with all the props, couples generally go for modern décor. So when it comes to decorating your living room, keep a balance between modern and classic. Don’t overcrowd the area with excessive furniture and art décor pieces as there won’t be space to move around freely.

Try to create a focal point – An outstanding painting or ornate mirror or an embellished TV stand. A couple of indoor plants add an elegant touch, while a carpet amps up the luxury factor. A set of lamps on the sides of the family couch if there is sufficient space, will add to the charm in the evenings.

If your drawing room is on the smaller side, use pastel colours on the walls to make the room feel larger. Likewise, go for smaller-sized furniture and wall-to-wall carpeting as it enhances the appearance of space. In smaller spaces, the furniture should be aligned towards the walls to provide more space to move around in. Keep the accessories and decorative stuff to a minimum too, with just a couple of small paintings and indoor plants being sufficient to create a cosy ambience.

There are three types of drawing room decoration ideas you can go with:

Minimalist drawing rooms

These go well with contemporary designed homes, with the challenge being to create a harmonious look without appearing too stark. It involves sleek, straight lines with the minimal use of colours and more open spaces.

Classic drawing rooms

these rooms have abundant space, light and use of colours. Plush seating, flowers, indoor plants all add to the room without its losing balance or poise.

Modern drawing rooms

They rest somewhere in-between minimalist and classy designs. They are never cluttered or colourful, use modern art as décor and prefer to go with muted tones and white walls.