Porotherm hollow bricks are smart walling material that peruses the advantages of natural clay.

These are perforated hollow bricks, which can be either horizontally perforated (HP) or vertically perforated (VP).

The fact that they are made of natural substances and are hollow from the inside makes them far more efficient than traditional solid bricks and blocks.

Why Porotherm Bricks?

Advantages of Porotherm Bricks

Some of the intrinsic advantages common to all the profiles include:

  • Light weight (60% less weight than conventional walling material),
  • Strong & durable- high Compressive strength
  • Excellent Thermal and Sound Insulation
  • Low water absorption of ~ 15%, thus minimal risk of dampness, cracks or shrinkage of walls
  • Non-susceptible to carbonation thus providing greater durability.

Light weight & faster construction

Porotherm Smart Bricks are 60% lighter than conventional walling material thus allowing substantial savings on structural cost due to reduction in dead load.

This also allows for faster construction and ease of handling.

Porotherm bricks are the product of a highly innovative and advanced technology.

They can be used to construct non-load bearing walls (HP) as well as load bearing walls (VP).

Thermal and acoustic insulation

Excellent thermal insulation that’s 45% better compared to conventional walling material.

This leads to direct savings on energy consumption on air consumption and heating devices.

Porotherm bricks are natural insulators, which can keep away outer harsh temperature from entering inside and the pleasant temperature from getting out, thus helping to maintain comfortable ambiance inside without having to use HVAC systems.

Hence terracotta bricks also help you to save on energy consumption.

Hollow bricks such as Porotherm Thermo bricks are filled with specially formulated insulating material that gives a ‘U’ value of 0.6 W/m²K.

This not only gives you excellent thermal insulation but aides you in keeping your indoors comfortable.

Walls built with Porotherm bricks also provide good acoustic insulation enabling you to build noise free homes.

Natural & Green

The clay used in our production is sourced from de-silting of dead water tanks and only natural additives like coal ash, rice husk and saw dust are used. 

They’re free from any artificial and chemical substances that might release harmful gases in the environment.

Their capacity to retain low moisture and dry faster helps optimize thermal protection naturally.

They’re also recyclable and can be used in different forms once they reach the end of their life. 

It also has been credited by Indian Green Building Council for ratings.

Strength & Use

High compressive strength due the web design means improved productivity in masonry.

It’s also easy to chase and chisel for electrical and plumbing conduits making it simple to install all types of fixtures (geysers, air conditioners, cabinets, closets etc). 

Unlimited life and maximum fire protection

Has an exceptionally long life, it doesn’t burn as it is already fired at 1000 degrees and has a fire rating of F240 – 240 minutes.

The life expectancy of Porotherm bricks is over 150 years.

Less water consumption

Porotherm consumes up to 95% less water during the process of curing while under building construction.

It also takes less time to cure and is ready for the next phase just after 24hrs.

Easy Installation Of Appliances And Fixtures 

Porotherm allows easy chasseing and chiselling for electric as well as plumbing conduits.

By using the machine for drilling and chasing you can also be assured of fewer vibrations or disturbances.

With this method of chasing you hardly need to worry about material wastage or breakage unlike in the case of traditional walling material.

Thus, you can install concealed as well as exposed fixtures such as LCDs, geysers, kitchen cabinets, air conditioners, etc. without any worries.

In luxury villas in Trivandrum by iCloudHomes, we use branded Porotherm bricks from Weinerberger for construction, to ensure our clients get the best thermal insulation, fire protection & life span for their dream homes.