One of the best ways to decorate your home is by bringing nature indoors. The lively green of plants adds an exotic look to inner spaces making them look more alive. You can introduce plants into any room and it looks great, adding depth, style and colour to your interiors. Potted plants look perfect in any space including the sitting room, bedroom, bathroom or the kitchen.

And if you are looking to add greater charm to your decor, you could always go vertical and hang your indoor plants, making them more than just a feature in the room. However, not all plants look great when you view them from below. Hanging plants should ideally drape elegantly over the sides of your planter, creating an amazingly exotic rainforest look. They should also be low-maintenance as dragging out the step-stool daily to water them can become a drag. Go with basket hangers that are in neutral shades and don’t clash with the green of the plants that they support.

To hang your indoor plants, you will need hooks that are comfortably embedded into the ceiling to take the weight of the planter. And when it comes to watering your hanging planters, attach a drip tray to prevent leakage. Alternatively, you could take them outside. Aside from offering air-purifying abilities, these evergreen plants add instant life to space. Here are some lush leafy plants that look great in hanging planters:

Boston fern

These lush leafy plants love indirect light and moist soil, making them perfect for indoors. They grow generously and make awesome hanging displays.

Spider Plant

Their long slender leaves form natural cascades around the pots and look perfect as hanging baskets. Water them twice a week and keep them near indirect sunlight.


This low-maintenance houseplant is a trailing vine studded with heart-shaped leaves that look perfect when hung.

English Ivy

This creeping vine makes a great option for a cascading hanging houseplant and comes in different shades of green or coloured variegated leaves. Hang them near sunny windows for best results.

Fishbone Cactus

Growing this naturally-cascading beauty is easy and like other cacti, requires very little care.

Silver Falls

This trailing plant looks best hanging from a basket near a sunny window.

Mistletoe Cactus

This unique long seaweed-like vine makes the perfect hanging plant and needs very little light to thrive.

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