While it’s ok to decorate your home the way you like, you do have to pay a little homage to the latest trends too. It’s 2018 summer already, and if you are planning on giving a few updates to your home or going the whole hog and redecorating your home, it’s time to take a look at what’s trending this year.

While 2017 was about minimalist living, 2018 is definitely the opposite of modern maximalist trends being the toast of the season. There are more colours, textures and patterns this year, all in an attempt to create a purposeful over-decorated feel. This current look is supposed to represent whimsical ‘of-the-moment’ type of décor.

Here’s a look at what’s in this year:

Mixed metals

A combination of metals of different hues are increasingly being used to add an extra glamorous feel. A fusion of silver, gold, brass and bronze are no longer considered warring shades, but blended sophistication. Use them anywhere – handles, knobs, plumbing fixtures, furniture legs, art décor, etc.

Natural accents

The trending patterns, textures and materials all have a natural feel to them this year. Raw, earthy shades like ochre, terracotta and clay used in global-inspired prints are the toast of the season.


With 2018 being the year of colour, steel is definitely out. This leaves appliances like cooking ranges, fridges and washing machines coming in truly amazing hues. So much so, that you feel bad relegating them to the kitchen and laundry room.

Patterned fabrics

Travel always influences fashion trends and textiles is no exception. The trend this year is all about textures and juxtaposing them with colours. The textiles being used are a mix of raw edges with lots of embellishments and appliqué work. Pair that up with geometric or floral patterns and you have an irresistible look that grabs the eye and shows off your personality.


Say goodbye to pale shades of wooden furnishings of 2017 and welcome in darker tones, signifying retro glamour. Furniture is now curvier with comfortable rounder shapes being the flavour of the season. Luxurious velvet is the material to go with for ultra-soft upholstery in eye-catching colours. Dark jewel colourings go best with the decadent feel of velvet.

The colour of the season

If you have been a fan of lavender, then 2018 is your lucky year! The versatile bluish-purplish shades of ultraviolet evoke both modern and vintage feelings. Depending on the shade, it can look perfect in the powder room and positively decadent in the bedroom – especially when paired up with the right accents and backdrops.