Homes come in different shapes and sizes; they can be big or small, vertical or horizontal.

As if deciding to buy a home wasn’t a big enough decision, the next big dilemma in your path towards buying your dream home is to decide on the building it should be.

Aside from the popular villa and apartment homes within gated communities, you also have options like stand-alone bungalows, villaments, townhouses or even duplexes.


With privacy being an integral factor for most people when it comes to buying a home, a villa makes the best option. 

Villa homes date back to the Roman Empire era when the rich had large country homes to retire to during the hot summers.

The modern-era villas are also considered luxurious homes and come loaded with elegant features to die for.

They are independent homes that stand in their own plot of land but are part of a secure gated community.

They are preferred by discerning people with sophisticated tastes, people who are comfortable with community living but don’t want to share their premises.

Though villas are independent homes, their floor plan is fixed – but can be modified later by the owner.

They come with space for car parking that opens out onto the street of the campus.

These posh homes are also complemented with numerous amenities that make living in villas a pleasure.

Some of these amenities may include a clubhouse, a gym, swimming pool, children’s playground, jogging or cycling tracks, lawns, concierge, 24×7 security, etc.

Duplex Homes

Duplex is an American term used to refer to semi-detached homes.

Though duplexes are also stand-alone homes, they are actually meant for two families.

A duplex is a double-storied home that either shares a common side wall (with the homes being side by side and having two entrances) or is on two separate floor levels (with separate entrances).

They don’t come accompanied with extra amenities as with villas and neither are they a part of a secure gated community.

While villas are meant for a single-family, a duplex is meant for two families and doesn’t offer as much privacy.

The floor plan can’t be added to either in duplexes. While duplex homes are little larger than the average apartment size, they are still smaller than the more spacious villas.

Duplex homes are also more pocket-friendly when compared to villas, but then, classy living in villas is only meant for a discerning few….

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