The bedroom is for more than just sleeping, it’s also your private haven that you can personalize to be just the way you like it. There are no hard and fast rules to how you should go about your bedroom’s décor as it’s a matter of personal choice. Here, however, are a few ideas on what you can do to make it the cosy and stylish den you have always wanted:

  • The colour of the bedroom walls is the first thing you notice when you walk in and it’s the last thing you see when you fall asleep. It should be a soothing colour, a muted and pale colour that inspires serenity and peace. Cool and soothing colours like blue are ideal for bedrooms, although soft hues of green and off-white are also conducive to a good nights’ sleep. Dark colours tend to make a bedroom look more stately and go well with antique furnishings and features.
  • To create a focal point in your bedroom, you could create an accent wall with a deeper shade of the same paint colour. This could be behind the bed or it could have some distinct architectural feature that makes it stand out.
  • Another way to make your bedroom walls appear outstanding is by making a collage of framed photographs of personal moments caught in time. It’s good karma to be surrounded by memories of happy occasions in your private haven. The wall behind your bed would look great as a gallery.
  • And if you don’t want to go to all that trouble, you could always hang a large picturesque rug or eye-catching tapestry behind your bed for a panoramic effect. This is a great way of decorating a large wall in an eye-catching manner.
  • Another idea would be to hang a large horizontal mirror behind the bed. This would give an impression of a more spacious room. However, do be careful and get it installed by a professional.
  • In the bedroom, it’s the wall behind the bed that needs a focal point. You could consider a trio of matching paintings with the same theme. This would add a nice classy touch to your walls too.
  • Alternatively, you could dress up the wall with three-dimensional wall décor in freestyle formations to create a more contemporary fun-pattern that adds drama to your walls.
  • The most stylish adornment to your bedroom walls, however, could be vertical wall planters. The touch of fresh greenery growing indoors adds a magical touch to any room – don’t let your bedroom be an exception!