Flats roofs look great with the current trend of contemporary home designs. They are remarkably versatile and offer a plethora of possibilities. With a number of advantages associated with them, this form of roof structure offers you limitless options. Here is a simple breakdown of the advantages that go with flat roofs.

One of the first practical advantages of flat roofs is that it is easily accessible and can be used for a number of recreational activities. It can be converted into a terrace or a balcony and made into a green area. With potted roof gardens being in vogue, you could grow your own organic vegetable garden on your rooftop. Alternatively, you could create a green lawn coupled up with potted flowers to create a private natural habitat to retreat to during the evenings. Enjoying the open vistas and breathing in fresh air in an un-enclosed space is a great way to rejuvenate the mind.

Another advantage to open roofs is that you can use it to extend your living spaces. You can go about it in a temporary way by setting up a shed as additional roofing or you could just build freshly over it and create an extra room for your growing family.

Alternatively, a flat open roof can be used to earn a second income. With a little bit of clever re-designing, you could just build an additional apartment on the upper level and give it out for rent! Aside from having company when the kids grow up and leave the nest, a second income can be useful during the bad days that invariably pop up in life.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that flat roofs aren’t really flat; they are actually inclined at about 5 to15 degrees to prevent accumulation of rainwater. This is ideal if you are planning to contribute to global warming and making a rooftop garden. A slightly inclined roof will ensure there is no accumulation of water.

With global warming and all its implications, another way to reduce your carbon footprint is by installing solar panels on your flat rooftop. This flat unobstructed space is ideally positioned for catching the sun’s rays and providing you with a clean energy source. With time, it will also help you save on your electricity bills.

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